Sciemi of Hendrake

Sciemi is a slight woman, only 5'2" and perhaps 98lbs soaking wet. She appears only 16-18 years old, and dresses in garish clothes that are patterned from the infrared well into the UV spectrum.


Sciemi (pronounced Ski-EM-e) is a born-and-bred member of the house of Hendrake. She was raised like any child of the Courts would be. She has traveled around various shadows, and is aware of current events in the Courts, although she is too young and inexperienced to have taken part in them.

As a student, Sciemi is gifted, any of her instructors would say so…except Suhuy. All he would say is that she is unready. All of them, however, would say that she lacks passion, and doesn’t apply herself. She could aspire to greatness, if she actually put her mind to it. She has a keen eye for detail, which led her to the uncommon study of Trump artistry. For the most part, her potential seems untapped.

She has passed all the typical education levels of a Hendrake her age, is capable of doing just about anything put to her in terms of military training, etc… She just is going through life on auto-pilot.

At this point, she has reached the ‘age of majority’ but Suhuy still deems her unworthy of the Logrus. This is a disappointment to her family, who otherwise considered her promising and full of potential. She is currently looked down upon as immature.

Sciemi seems distant and unconnected to the people around her. She prefers to spend her time in Shadow, at raves & parties…surrounded by light and color, noise and distraction, away from ‘real’ people.

Sciemi of Hendrake

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