• Clay Delenov

    Clay Delenov

    Clay the wounderer, hollow, broken and uncaring, he is searching for meaningand fulfilment.
  • Elinor Douglas

    Elinor Douglas

    Seahorse Daughter
  • Eous the Dragonblooded

    Eous the Dragonblooded

    Jaded warlord of the Dorvakien clan.
  • John Q. Amberite (Sample Character Sheet)

    John Q. Amberite (Sample Character Sheet)

    Boring, simple, uninspired. A true example for all! <--> Delete and insert your own quick description.
  • Jonathan Sterling

    Jonathan Sterling

    Jonathan is a strawberry blond, blue eyed man, 6'2" tall, a trim 195 pounds, and prefers to wear light colors, often yellow or blue.
  • Jonathan Teatime

    Jonathan Teatime

    Creepy, dead sexy, curly locks of blonde death. Eyes of a disturbing nature and a voice so off-putting even a mother couldn't love it. Ask her.
  • Sciemi of Hendrake

    Sciemi of Hendrake

    Sciemi is a slight woman, only 5'2" and perhaps 98lbs soaking wet. She appears only 16-18 years old, and dresses in garish clothes that are patterned from the infrared well into the UV spectrum.
  • Sephiroth


    Sephiroth Final Fantasy VII
  • Wayne


    A philosopher of chaos...