Quicksilver Shadows


As Gareth sits in a Shadow bar pondering the revelation of his heritage, he is approached by a woman dressed in red and gray—and equipped with a rather intimidating broadsword. After kicking up her feet and ordering a drink, she introduces herself as Gilva. Bluntly and arrogantly, she offers to take Gareth to claim his birthright after first proving himself via performance of undefined “services” to the King of the Courts of Chaos. First, however, they must locate others with the blood of Chaos that have come to the King’s attention. Gareth agrees to the proposal for little more than the offer of adventure the and opportunity to pen new tales for his readers.

Traveling via the Logrus, Gilva and Gareth arrive in the home Shadow of the assassin Tuesday. As they traverse the filthy, stinking backstreets of Ankh-Morpork, they arrive at a seedy corner bar turned whorehouse. After Gareth attracts the attention of Tuesday by thwarting a pickpocketing attempt on his person, he and Gilva approach their would-be traveling companion with the proposal of a business contract worth a five grand retainer fee. After a brief trip to the Assassin’s Guild headquarters to retrieve her belongings, Tuesday joins the group on their journey to the Courts of Chaos and their next “companion,” Wayne.

Gareth and Tuesday learn that the Logrus is only sufficient to travel to the very outskirts of the Courts and a brief walk is required to actually enter the fabled realm. Gilva shares with them some of the basic information and background of the land, including the fact that here the sky takes on different hues depending upon the time of day. There is no “sun” as such.

As they enter the city, the group sees Wayne using his shapeshifting abilities to hustle a group of would-be gamblers. When Wayne notices Gilva (who is a well known figure here) approaching, he attempts to escape only to be tripped when she throws a table at his legs. After a few generic threats and innuendo of violence against him, Wayne agrees to cooperate.

As the group enters a nearby bar for a drink, Tuesday is kind enough to dart a few patrons in exchange for their seats. The bartender attempts to intervene but quickly backs down after recognizing Gilva.

Gilva offers a rags-to-riches prospect to Wayne, though he is still quite afraid of failing the King of Chaos, though it is not so much the King he seems afraid of but rather someone (or something) connected to him. In addition, Wayne is informed he is to be turned over to Gareth for instruction in the art of acting and dressing (and bathing) as a gentleman worthy of noble blood.

After leaving the city in order to travel via the Logrus, the group arrives on a mountain set upon a desert island. Their next “friend” is holed up in a nearby cave according to Gilva. Both she and Tuesday take note that the entrance to said cave is well defended via a series of complex traps. The assassin quickly renders these dangers safe and proceeds inside where she is accosted by and defeats a man calling himself Clay. Despite being stabbed and poisoned, he seems none the worse for wear.

Clay is made the same offer by Gilva as have the others. In exchange for service to the King of Chaos he will be awarded what he most desires. In this case, Clay wants vengeance against and power over those who have wronged him. Gilva assures him this will not be a problem.

Once more traversing the boundaries between Shadows, the group arrives in a modern world wherein lives a man named Mr. Griffin, a businessman down on his luck having just been terminated by his former employer. His services are easily purchased by a few pounds of gold. In the typical fashion of his kind, he agrees to Gilva’s terms without really inquiring what will be involved past the generic definition of “troubleshooting” and “other duties as assigned.”

Satisfied with her efforts for the time being, Gilva escorts the party back to the Courts of Chaos where they are offered exquisite accommodations inside the palace after first stopping to retrieve Elinor Douglas, a noblewoman of Chaos whom Gilva insists will be integral to the quest.

Thus ends the session of Quicksilver Shadows for 2011-04-02.



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